Mary Rachel Nalley-Norris

Hailing from Bowling Green, KY, Mary Rachel Nalley is a seasoned musician and performer. Although fiddle is her primary instrument, Mary Rachel is known as a skilled multi-instrumentalist. She has played mandolin for The Kody Norris Show in previous years, and now fills the fulltime role as fiddler ... and "sweetie," since Kody's onstage proposal.

Mary Rachel started playing fiddle at local jams in her hometown of Bowling Green, KY. Recognizing their daughter's serious interest in a bluegrass music career, parents Jimmy and Phyllis started a weekly bluegrass jam which allowed Mary Rachel to develop relationships with local, regional and nationally-touring artists.

In 2011, Nalley began touring with the Eastern Kentucky-based, all-girl band, Hazel Holler. It was a major launching pad for her career. Mary stayed several years with Hazel Holler and then stepped into the fiddle position with Kings Highway, a traditional bluegrass group based in the western coalfield region of Kentucky.

In the Spring of 2014, Nalley not only graduated from Bowling Green High School, but also joined the legendary Larry Sparks and the Lonesome Ramblers. She held that post until joining The Kody Norris Show in late 2014.

Mary Rachel manages a successful musical instruction program in East Tennessee, where she now resides. In addition to managing one of the busiest touring bands on the acoustic music scene, Mary Rachel and Kody are now newly-weds!